Credit Suisse’s Holiday Charity Initiative

Credit Suisse’s Holiday Charity Initiative will help the growing demands on Fallen Patriots to ensure access to education by college-bound children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.

Children of Fallen Patriots 8th Annual Greenwich Gala

The patriotic evening was a remarkable success, raising over $2.5 million, thanks to the generosity of loyal supporters who believe in Fallen Patriots mission to provide college scholarships to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.  

Top 16 Moments in 2016

Fallen Patriots continues to actively strive to ensure a future education for surviving military children in 2017 and beyond.

Making Their Dreams Possible: Calder Felipe

Calder Felipe was only 3-years-old when her dad died in a B-1 Crash over West, TX. She believes her dad would be most proud of her for following in his footsteps and attending USAFA. 

Thankful for Citi's E for Education Campaign

With the help of financial partners like Citi, Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is changing the lives of those left behind in the most positive way, allowing children to achieve a career path that they desire through a college education.

Wreaths For Hope

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation depends on contributions from programs like Wreaths for Hope to continue to help fund and support the children of our fallen heroes.

Making Their Dreams Possible

With the help of Fallen Patriots and generous donors, many surviving scholars have the opportunity to attend their dream university and achieve their dream career.

11 Days of Remembrance: Mark Coleman

Jessica Rosenow’s dad, Mark Coleman, served in the U.S Army and sadly passed from an IED. Jessica believes that Veteran’s day is the one day a year that everyone should reflect on the sacrifice that all service members have given for our country and our safety.

11 Days of Remembrance: Jeremy Nelson

Katelyn Nelson’s dad, SMSgt Jeremy Nelson, joined the Air Force and after that all of his choices to follow were for his country and his family. He sadly passed away from cancer after serving, leaving Katelyn without her dad while she prepared for her college journey.

11 Days of Remembrance: Joseph Reed III

Joseph Reed IV’s dad, Joseph Reed III, died in a helicopter training collision. Joseph was young when he passed so he has gotten to know his dad through his journals, voice recordings and his letters his mom published in a book called “His Words.”

11 Days of Remembrance: Lawrence Hilton

Ryan Hilton was very young when his father LT Lawrence Hilton passed away. While his memories of his father may be faint, his father’s spirit influences his life every day.

11 Days of Remembrance: Christopher Splinter

Rachel Splinter’s dad, Christopher Splinter, died from a roadside bomb in Iraq. He was more than willing to deploy to Iraq in order to help. Christopher died doing what he loved, which makes Rachel a very proud daughter.

Go Ruck Event Supports Children of the Fallen

Fallen Patriots is inspired by supporters like Mitch Gilley, a senior in high school at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, whose fundraising efforts for Fallen Patriots went above and beyond expectations.

11 Days of Remembrance: Robert Wilson II

Robert B. Wilson III knows all too well the true meaning of sacrifice. Robert’s dad died when he was 9 months old, so he grew up without ever knowing him.

11 Days of Remembrance: Theodore Westhusing

Aaron’s dad, Theodore Westhusing, served in the U.S Army and ultimately sacrificed his life. Honor, duty, integrity and honesty are kept close to Aaron because of his father’s sacrifice.

11 Days of Remembrance: Raymond O’Hare

Katie O’Hare’s father, Raymond O’Hare, died while in test pilot school when a T-38 Talon training jet crashed. She was very young the day he passed, but she will never forget the day.

11 Days of Remembrance: Rocky Herrera

Clairissa Herrera’s dad, Rocky Herrera, was killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. Clarissa believes his sacrifice means that she gets to live another day in a free country, receive a great education and lead a successful life.

Partner Spotlight: IHOP

From November 2nd through the 11th, participating IHOP restaurants are asking its patrons to help scholars pursue their dreams of a college education by rounding up their checks and donating the difference to military families who’ve paid the ultimate price.