American military families cope with the loss of their loved ones every day. Their perseverance inspires Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation to honor the legacy of the bravest men and women who have gave their lives in defense of our country.

Honoring Purple Heart Day

Fallen Patriots honors more than 1.8 million combat-wounded Purple Heart recipients.

Partner Spotlight: Southpoint Capital

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation was moved by the generous support from Southpoint Capital, who hosted the 4th Annual Charitable Golf Outing on July 17th.

Bright Star: Clairissa Herrera

Clarissa believes her father's sacrifice means that she gets to live another day in a free country, receive a great education and lead a successful life.

Folds of the Flag

As we celebrate our month of Independence, we reflect on traditions over the last two centuries that make our nation great. One such tradition takes place when a service member passes away and the surviving family is presented with a flag in their honor.  

Bright Stars, Brave Hearts

America’s freedom comes at a great cost and we want to recognize those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those who risk their lives today so that we may continue to live in freedom. As Independence Day approaches, we are reminded of the “brave hearts” that sacrificed their lives for our freedom, as well as the “bright stars” left behind.

Honoring Kevin Bianchi

Kevin Bianchi served in the U.S Navy as a helicopter pilot. He met his wife, Rita Bianchi, at a wedding, and together they had three children. Together they experienced three deployments before Kevin passed away in a helicopter crash.

Honoring Michael L. McNulty

Eric McNulty was only 16-years-old when his father, Michael L. McNulty, was killed in Iraq. Michael gave his life doing what he thought he must to make the world a better place.

Thank You Rolling Remembrance

With immense gratitude, Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is proud to announce that Rolling Remembrance was a remarkable success.

Honoring Fallen Fathers

Father’s Day is an important time for our entire nation to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that so many soldiers and their families have made.

PTSD Awareness Month

The invisible injuries of service members pose complex challenges for military families, especially military children.

Youngblood Family

Memorial Day is an important day for our entire nation to join together to honor the sacrifice of fallen soldiers, like Travis Youngblood, while also keeping surviving families in our thoughts.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an important time for our entire nation to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that so many soldiers and their families have made.

Children of Fallen Patriots Day

Officially proclaimed by mayors and governors throughout the nation, May 13th is recognized as Children of Fallen Patriots Day.

Military Spouse Appreciation

Congress officially made Military Spouse Appreciation Day, celebrated on May 12th, part of National Military Appreciation Month.

Military Appreciation Month

During the month of May, Military Appreciation is honored, as well as the remembrance of lost loved ones on Memorial Day.

Celebrating College Signing Day

Leading up to College Signing Day, celebrated on May 5th, is a time we pause and reflect on what an honor it is to bean instrumental part of surviving scholars’ lives.