E for Education Campaign

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Fallen Patriots) will benefit from the e for Education campaign initiated and launched by Citi.

Why We Serve: Candice Tuosto

Candice Tuosto’s dad, Jorge Tuosto, served in the Vietnam War and was later diagnosed with ALS. He ultimately passed away.

World Suicide Prevention Day

“I keep living because I am the daughter of a soldier who didn’t get the chance to” – Surviving Scholar, Gabrielle Herman

Never Forget: SMSgt Jeremy Nelson

Katelyn Nelson’s dad, SMSgt Jeremy Nelson, joined the Air Force and after that all of his choices were for his country and his family.

Partner Spotlight: Vineyard Vines

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is happy to announce the addition of Shep and Ian Murray to its board of advisors. Shep and Ian Murray, own the clothing and accessory retailer Vineyard Vines.

Never Forget

As September 11th approaches, Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is reminded to #NeverForget the sacrifices that so many soldiers have made.

Tuff Enuff Festival

The community of Paden, Mississippi joined together to kick off the first annual Tuff Enuff Festival benefiting Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.

Honoring Purple Heart Day

Today, Fallen Patriots honors more than 1.8 million combat-wounded Purple Heart recipients.

Class of '20 Monthly Giving Program

When surviving scholars step on the quad for the first time this August, they will be taking the first step toward a dream that their mother or father died to protect.

Why We Serve: Emily Williams

Emily Williams’ father passed away due to long-term illness as a result of serving in the Army. 

Southpoint Charity Golf Outing

Southpoint Charity Golf Outing

Helping to raise funds by hosting an event is a great way to increase awareness of our organization, inspire many people and provide a wonderful source of financial support.

Preparing for college over the summer

Preparing for college over the summer

Summer is here and we know we have many scholars already making preparations to take the next big step in their life. As classes approach, it is important to make a list of all the things that need to be done before making the big move.

Artist Samara Shuter Lends a Helping Hand

Artist Samara Shuter Lends a Helping Hand

Fallen Patriots would like to express its gratitude to painter, Samara Shuter for creating inspired art to auction. From July 4th through the 18th, Paddle 8 is hosting an auction with Fallen Patriots-themed art created by Shuter. All proceeds from the auction will go towards ensuring a college education for surviving military children.

Why We Serve: Linda Singletary and family

Why We Serve: Linda Singletary and family

Linda Singletary’s husband, Timothy Laurence Singletary sadly passed away on October 21, 2012 due to an accident. He was a Specialist in the Army and was 37 years old when he passed.

Military Appreciation Month

Military Appreciation Month

During Military Appreciation Month, Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is reminded of the honor and privilege it is to be an influential part of scholars’ journeys. This awareness month, celebrates our graduating seniors while also honoring the fallen and their surviving spouses. 

Serving Scholars Across the Nation

A college education is not only crucial for success today, but also an opportunity for students to learn valuable life lessons they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.