Anna Colasanti’s father served in the Army and sadly passed away due to the terminal disease A.L.S. She describes her father as an incredible artist, a loving father and above all a good man. She would give anything to have him back in her life.

“Fallen Patriots made me feel like my dad was helping me with college just like he said he'd do when I was young,” explained Anna.

Anna is very passionate about art. Before her father got sick he would give her art lessons that helped grow her passion.

“Every artist is different for example they are like shapes such as some are squares and some are circles. It doesn’t mean one artists is better than another, it just means their work has different styles,” Anna’s father once told her. Her father’s words still very much relate to her life today

Fallen Patriots is proud to announce that Anna graduated from a college that only has a 22% graduation rate. Anna believes that because of fallen patriots there is opportunity to follow ones ambitions. She hopes to become a well-known children’s book author and illustrator.