Offiice Assistant, Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

Jane contributes to the detail oriented tasks of the foundation’s ongoing programs, namely spearheading the effort to digitize all of our current paper files in order to streamline the use of our new Grants Management System with historical data. Prior to joining Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation Jane was the Head of Visitor Services and Docent Management in 2011, for the Kreeger Museum in Northwest DC. While essentially serving as the administrative "heartbeat" of a small museum, which sees an average of 15,000 visitors annually, she recognized a lucrative opportunity for the institution to increase its revenue generation through private facility rentals.

In late 2011, Jane successfully lobbied the Director to allow her to take this project on and subsequently added an additional title to her already crowded business card: Private Events Manager. During her time at the museum, from 2011 to 2016, she helped generate an additional $400,000 through this program.

Jane is looking forward to contributing her polished set of skills to such a noble cause as The Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation and is excited to play an integral part in the growth of this organization.