Student Spotlight: Calder Felipe

Calder Felipe followed in her dad’s footsteps and attended the United States Air Force Academy. Tragically, Calder lost her dad at only 3-years-old when he died in a B-1 Crash over West, TX. She knows her dad would be proud of her for choosing such a noble path, especially his alma mater. 

Student Spotlight: Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis lost her father in a Black Hawk accident when she was only three years old. His distinguished military career and drive to succeed has influenced her entire life.

Student Spotlight: Kara Phipps

Kara's dad, LCDR Michael Joseph Phipps, M.D., served in the U.S Navy for 14 years, completing an orthopedic residency and a spine surgery fellowship at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. When Kara was only 7-years-old, her dad passed away.

Student Spotlight: Johanne Walker

Johanne Walker’s dad, Colonel Cliff Walker, died saving her little brother from drowning on Memorial Day. Her dad’s sacrifice showed her the depth of love and the courage in sacrifice.

Student Spotlight: Natasha Mounsey

Natasha has always known that it was her father's dream for her to go to college; although, her dream would be for him to have walked with her every step of the way.

Student Spotlight: Robert Wilson

Despite tremendous loss in his background, Robert B. Wilson III found happiness by serving in the military, just like both his parents. Having dual military parents made the idea of serving ever present in his mind. He felt that he was honoring his dad when he commissioned in the Army.

Student Spotlight: Paige Garber

Paige Garber’s dad served in the U.S Navy and passed away from a massive heart attack while deployed aboard the USS Eisenhower in the North Arabian Sea. After Garber’s passing, his impact on the lives of others was evident. Over 600 sailors and marines volunteered and lined the street leading to the chapel where his memorial service was held.

Student Spotlight: Katie Zimmermann

Katie Zimmermann’s dad, William J. Zimmermann, served in the Army National Guard and ultimately passed away in a helicopter crash.  Katie was only two years old when he died.

Student Spotlight: Chelsea Briggs

Chelsea Briggs father, Raymond Briggs, served in the Air Force and passed away tragically. Chelsea believes sacrifice means putting your life down, or going out of your way to help and save others. 

Student Spotlight: Johanna Walker

When surviving scholar Johanna Walker steps onto the academic quad in August, she will be taking the first step towards a dream that her father died to protect.

Student Spotlight: Teague Crotty

Teague Crotty became the man of the house at a young age. His father, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Crotty, was proud to serve his country and was willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice.

Student Spotlight: Ryan Hilton

Ryan Hilton was very young when his father LT Lawrence Hilton passed away. While his memories of his father may be faint, his father’s spirit influences his life every day.

Student Spotlight: Katie O'Hare

Katie O’Hare’s father, Raymond O’Hare, passed away while in test pilot school when a T-38 training jet crashed. 

Student Spotlight: KaTara Burks

KaTara Burks’ father, Christopher Dante Burks, passed away on August 2, 2012 in Cheongju, Korea from an accident. He was a Sergeant First Class in the Army and was 40-years-old when he passed.

Student Spotlight: Kyana Goodman

Kyana Goodman's stepfather, Christopher Dante Burks, passed away on August 2, 2012 in Cheongju, Korea from an accident. He was a Sergeant First Class in the Army and was 40-years-old when he passed.


Tony Bertolino, Jr. was 13 years old when his dad, Army SSG Anthony Bertolino, was killed in action while on deployment in Haditha, Iraq.  His mother and his three brothers and sisters were in shock after losing their beloved husband and father. 


At only 15 years old, Kylie Owen received the disheartening news of her father’s death. National Guard Staff Sgt. Kirk Owen lost his life while on deployment in Afghanistan. Kylie and her dad shared a love of basketball and big dreams. They’d lose track of time shooting hoops at the local park. When her dad died the game stopped. 


The strong connection that Kelly McHugh and her father, Colonel John M. McHugh, shared stemmed from their love of sports. It was during her freshman year of college while studying sports journalism that she received the tragic news of her father’s death. Kelly McHugh was one of five siblings left behind after Colonel John M. McHugh was killed in action while serving in Afghanistan on May 18, 2010.


In 2008, Janna Moore's father, SSG Shaun Jeffrey Whitehead was tragically killed from the blast of an improvised explosive device (IED) while serving his country in Iraq. After losing her family's primary breadwinner Janna's dream of earning her college degree seemed almost impossible. That is when Children of Fallen Patriots stepped in to help Janna, a Gold Star child, reach her educational goals without the burden of student loans.