Purple Heart Day Legacy

Purple Heart Day honors the legacy of those who were wounded or killed while serving in the U.S. military.  August 7 is an observance to commemorate the near 2 million Purple Heart medal recipients. 

Make the Most of your Syllabus

Syllabus week: A term that incoming, college students will soon become very familiar with. The first few classes of each semester are dedicated to professors explaining coursework and expectations. Students who pay close attention and utilize their syllabus as a planning tool are more likely to succeed than students who don’t.

Student Spotlight: Hanna Eadie

Hanna Eadie remembers feeling like she had the coolest Dad in the world when he flew an airplane in formation over one of her softball games.  “Everyone was so impressed,” Hanna happily recalled.  On September 20, 2016, U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Steve Eadie died in a plane crash. 

Student Spotlight: Anthony Moore, Jr.

Anthony Moore, Jr. remembers feeling an overwhelming drive as he walked off his high school graduation’s stage with his diploma in hand.  After losing his father, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Anthony Moore, Sr., Anthony says he felt a variety of intense and scattered emotions. 

Preparing For College The Summer Before

The best way to embrace the changes that come with exiting high school and entering college is to be prepared.  Maximize the summer months before college by taking steps to get ahead. 

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation Provides Family Support

The Joyce Family’s world was turned upside down when Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Joyce died.  He was described as a ‘soldier of integrity’ and touched many lives during his 37 years of service.  His wife, Paulette, was looking forward to living out their shared dreams in retirement.  Instead, she faced the difficult task of ensuring the college dreams for their children, Megan and Sean, would still come true.

Student Spotlight: Adriana Paola Cintrón Negrón

Adriana’s first love was her father.  As a self-proclaimed ‘daddy’s girl,’ she remembers being mesmerized as she’d watch him cook.  This ignited a passion and inspired her to pursue studies in regional and international cuisine at the Instituto de Banca y Comercio in Puerto Rico.  She plans to become a professional chef and open a restaurant in honor of her father, called ‘Cintrón’s Kitchen.’

Tips for Parents of New College Students

For Paula Boyer-McNulty and other Gold Star wives, sending a child off to college is an exciting, albeit nerve-wracking time for both the parent and student.  It’s important to establish a line of communication before the big move takes place.  We have created a list of some shared challenges and advice to help in the transition as your child goes off to college

Student Spotlight: Seth Straw

The first time Seth Straw walked onto campus at Auburn University and chanted “War Eagle” with other exuberant fans at the Jordan-Hare Stadium, he knew it was the school for him.  During this initial visit, without knowing it, he took the first steps towards following the dream his father died to protect.

Children of Fallen Patriots Day

May 13 is Children of Fallen Patriots Day, a day to honor the children left behind by the brave men and women who lost their lives fighting for our freedom.  For 2018, this date has been recognized by select cities and states in the United States, as well as Chase’s 2018 Calendar of Events.  Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Fallen Patriots) needs help from residents in 22 states to request an official proclamation from governors to declare May 13 as Children of Fallen Patriots Day.

Fallen Patriots Celebrates Women's History Month

Women’s History Month celebrates the work of women who have come before us.  Originally starting as a grassroots campaign in schools to address the need for historical female figures to be incorporated into the curriculum, it became a National Observance 10 years later.  Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate and bring to light stories of powerful women like Lieutenant Colonel Jeanne Elise Hutchison in hopes of inspiring young women.

How to Make It Through the Busy Days of College

College is stressful!  Between group projects and essays, it can feel like you must be a marathon runner just to keep up.  That’s why we want to provide you with these tips and tricks that will help you conquer your day like a pro.

Student Spotlight: Sheridan Skurupey

Air National Guard Technical Sergeant Gregory Skurupey died in a plane crash leaving behind his wife and two children.  For his daughter, Sheridan, the biggest challenge has been growing up without her dad.

Creating a Daily Study Routine

Organization is the key to making everyday a successful one, especially in college.  One of the best ways to stay organized is by creating a daily study routine based on your current habits and where you’d like to be by the end of the semester.  While every student’s needs and focus areas are different, we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for creating a daily study plan.

Student Spotlight: Andrew Mitts

To say that Charles Mitts strongly influenced his young son, Andrew, would be an understatement. Charles was serving in the Army when he lost his life in a helicopter crash. Never one to give up, his father’s service spurred Andrew to also pursue a career in the military.

Dr. Laura's Valentine's Boutique Will Help Send Gold Star Students to College

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is deeply humbled by the generous contributions of our corporate sponsors and donors, such as Dr. Laura Schlessinger. In continued dedication to our cause Dr. Laura will be donating 100% of the sales of her personally-crafted and handmade jewelry from this year’s Valentine’s Day Boutique to Fallen Patriots.