15 Tips for Acing Exam Week

As the 2014 fall semester comes to a close, one thing is certain: Between finals week, papers and studying, you are a few tests away from slipping into a much needed winter break. Apply these exam prep tips, so that your holiday can be spent relaxing at home and not worrying about your GPA. To ensure you not only pass, but excel – we’ve rounded up 15 useful test taking tips to help you finish out the semester strong. 

Study in Chunks

Only plan to focus and study in 90-120 minute increments with 20 minute periods of rest. This approach as sited in Fast Company goes along with our natural ultradian rhythm.

Listen to Classical Music

Research shows that ambient beats such as classical music are proven to help you study and retain more information. 

Alternate Study Spots

The brain makes subtle associations between what it is studying and background sensations it has at the time. Research shows by switching up the study spots, students retained more of the study material.

Form a Study Group

Have you ever tried to explain a complex concept to someone else, it takes a different set of skills and often is a huge boost for retaining the information. Study groups help to keep each student accountable and can help to break up the work as well.

Take Advantage of Office Hours

Many times office hours are the last thing students want to show up to, which is precisely why you should take advantage. The trick is to go ahead of exam week to ensure enough time to discuss and get feedback.

Create a Study Space

Warmth and natural light make us happier and more productive. Our sense of smell can trigger a productive mood too. Consider using the same scent of candle to sub-consciously trigger your sense of smell and brain into study mode.

Visualize and Reduce Anxiety

By taking some time before your exam visualizing acing the exam, it can help to reduce anxiety and improve test day performance. Visualization is a huge tool for athletes; why not apply it to academics?

Create a Study Schedule and Prioritize

Prioritize which exams will need the most time to study. By creating a study plan ahead of time, you will ensure plenty of preparation time. Try this great app that will completely revolutionize the way you study: Exam Time

Boost up with Antioxidants

Antioxidants are cognitive, mood enhancers. Try this tasty warm beverage to boost mind and body: Scoop a spoonful of organic cocoa into hot milk, add cinnamon, espresso and cayenne pepper.

Sweat it Out with Some Cardio

Cardio increases energy and reduces stress. Just 20 minutes is all you need. And if it’s too cold to go outside, dance it out to Taylor Swift’s 1989.

Avoid All-Nighters

In 2008 a study was conducted that found all-nighters to result in impaired reasoning and memory for as long as four days. Make good quality sleep a priority well ahead of- and during exams.

Minimalize Distractions

Try a free app like SelfControl that will block time-waster sites like social media for an allotted amount of time.

Maximize Practice-Testing

A 2013 study, found that just highlighting, re-reading and summation did not consistently boost students performance. Get consistent results with flash cards and practice exams. Try this site, Study Blue, for digitally available flashcards, review sheets and quizzes.

Review the Toughest Material Last

Before going to bed the night before the test, it makes it easier to recall the material when reviewed right before bed.

Treat Yourself

After an exam, treat yourself. Meet a friend for coffee or go to the movies. You deserve it!

Follow these 15 proven exam prep tips and check out some of the free study tools on the internet, visualize with the end in mind and you will be an exam, test-taking, warrior. 

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