Jacksonville University Becomes First Higher-Education Partner

At colleges across the nation, veterans and their families receive tuition breaks and other incentives, as they should. Until now, surviving families have not shared these same benefits. It is our firm belief that the children of fallen service members equally deserve these tuition breaks.

We are thrilled to announce that on March 3, 2014, Jacksonville University (JU) became the first higher education institution to partner with Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, agreeing to award scholarships to those who have lost a parent in the line of duty.

Students who meet JU admissions requirements and have a parent who lost his or her life serving in the military will now receive a 40 percent tuition reduction for each academic year attended at the university.

“Given rising educational costs and uncertain economic times, our partnership with Jacksonville University is an extremely important one, as their scholarships will help to reduce our cost per student while allowing us to extend our fundraising dollars across more children,” said Fallen Patriots Executive Director John Coogan of our partnership with JU. “More importantly, it provides our children with an unbelievable opportunity to attend a world-class university that has set the standard in its commitment to our veterans and their families.”

It is our hope that the partnership with JU is the beginning of a trend, inspiring universities across the nation to provide the same scholarships offered to veterans to children of fallen patriots.

We will continue to campaign for tuition breaks for children of fallen soldiers, and look forward to seeing this program implemented in colleges across the nation. We will be sure to update you on our progress via Facebook and Twitter and through our newsletter. In the meantime, you can help too by reaching out to your local legislators.