450 for the Fallen Relay Recap

Over Memorial Day weekend, more than 130 runners took to the streets of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, D.C., and Virginia to run 450 for the Fallen. The relay, hosted by Run Anyway, raised more than $14,000 for Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. 

It took 5 days, 53 stages, and an incredible group of people to run 450 miles to the Arlington National Cemetery. Each stage started, ended at, or passed by a place of military significance. The "batons" came in the form of dog tags honoring Sgt. Delaney Gibbs, the man who inspired David Kim to found Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. 

Among the runners were a handful of scholarship recipients: Jacob Centeno Healy, Sarah Cramer, and Drew and Evan Kleppe all showed their support by running stages. Colleen O'Hare, a surviving mom of a scholarship recipient also stepped in to run for the fallen. Founders David and Cynthia Kim joined the group stage in Greenwich, Conn. 

In addition to the $14,661 we raised, we received generous donations from Audi, who provided us a car for the journey, Spyder, who had the Audi wrapped, and Pepsi and Purity Organic for providing refreshments for runners. 

Without Run Anyway, this event never would have happened. We are so grateful for their support on this year's event and we're thrilled their wheels are already turning for 450 for the Fallen 2015. We will be sure to keep you posted on all the details.

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