As the sun goes down, you snuggle up with your little one in bed. You finish the bedtime story and kiss them goodnight. The dim glow of the nightlight makes their room feel warm and safe. Until you leave.

Suddenly, they’re not feeling so snuggly anymore.

Enter Sgt. Sleeptight, the first teddy bear released by the family-owned, creative start-up ZZZ Bears.

Sgt. Sleeptight is the world’s first bear created specifically to protect your child as he or she sleeps. No matter what's keeping them up, Sgt. Sleeptight gives children the confidence they need to sleep peacefully through the night. Simply put him on duty before bed, and let the sweet dreams begin

Emanating from his respect and support for military men, women and their families, creator Justin Baum developed Sgt. Sleeptight and his company with giving back at the core of his mission.

“In the seven years I worked with the Marines, I met some of the finest people on this planet, many of whom I proudly still call friends today,” says Baum.

“Most of all, I gained an immense amount of respect, understanding and appreciation for anyone who serves their country, including the families.”

While Sgt. Sleeptight is for any child, many military families know all too well the added fear their children experience when a mother or father is deployed, making Sgt. Sleeptight an especially good companion for children of families in our armed forces.

“It's my sincere hope that through ZZZ Bears, I'm able to help children overcome their fear of the dark as well as support military personnel and their families who allow us all to live without fear every single day,” adds Baum.

And he’s living up to that commitment by pledging a minimum of $50 monthly to Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, while giving his customers an option to donate as well.

With the support of partners like ZZZ Bears, we’re making a difference in the lives of gold star families in all branches of the armed forces. Together, we can ensure an education for those left behind.