Henry "Danny" Irizarry lost his mother to cancer as a child, and shortly after, his father was killed in the line of duty while serving in Iraq in 2004. As a child who lost a parent in post-9/11 conflict, Danny's future was shaped dramatically by the tragic events that took place in our nation 14 years ago. 

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Overcoming the obstacles before him, Danny was dedicated to reaching his dreams and enrolled in a criminal justice program after getting accepted to college. Inspired by his father's courage and sacrifice, Danny had dreams of joining the NYPD and serving alongside some of our nations most respected first responders. 

But the cost of college was burdensome, and without assistance, Danny was not sure if he would be able to make his fallen father proud. Because of his father's sacrifice, however, Danny was able to receive assistance from Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. 

Today, Danny proudly serves in the NYPD, carrying on his father's legacy of patriotism and service in one of the nation's most admired police forces. His success represents the poignant courage of a boy driven to protect others after witnessing the heroism of first responders on 9/11 and of his father in the resulting conflicts in the Middle East. 

Danny’s dream was made possible because generous donors stepped up and honored his father’s sacrifice. For the hundreds of students beginning college this year without one of their parents there to help them unpack their dorm, pick out a college sweatshirt and work with them on figuring out a major, we can stand in the gap by joining the Class of '19, a monthly giving initiative that helps cover the cost of books, tuition and even housing for deserving students who lost a parent serving in the military.