Christopher Splinter, Rachel’s dad, loved being in the army. He was more than willing to deploy to Iraq in order to help, where he sadly passed away. Christopher passed doing what he loved, making Rachel a very proud daughter.

“Growing up without my father has been the most difficult challenge in my life. Not being able to talk to him, go fishing, his absence to scare my prom date, not being able to walk me down the aisle on my future wedding day. I miss my father so much,” explained Rachel Splinter. “What helps me get through the pain is knowing that he died a true American hero, so that we can live free and safely. I know we will be reunited in heaven someday.”

The endless memories Rachel has for her dad range from fishing and playing risk-it together, to watching her play soccer, but one of her favorite memories was reading the Harry Potter books together. Rachel’s brother had told her how great the Harry Potter books were, but Rachel was only in first grade. Naturally she wanted to read them, but she hadn’t perfected reading and was constantly asking her Mom and Dad what some of the words were. Her dad decided to read all four Harry Potter books out loud to her for an hour every night before bed.

“It was so much fun listening to him because he would use different voices for different characters, described Rachel. “The funny thing is he pronounced Hermione wrong. He pronounced her name ‘Harr-a-moine.’ So then, two years later when the movie came out, I tried correcting people on how to say Hermione.”

Currently in graduate school, at Allen College, Rachel’s future goal is to work at a VA hospital assisting disable veterans in their hospital. Education has always been important to her family, shaping her thought that her achievement of receiving her bachelor’s degree and working towards her master’s would be what her father is most proud of her for.

Unfortunately Rachel has class on Veterans day, but her University holds activities she attends, such as making thank you cards to soldiers overseas.

“I am truly grateful and honored to have received the Children of the Fallen Patriots Foundation, and thankful for the support they have shown,” remarked Rachel. “I’m sure my father never wanted to leave us, but he and other soldiers would be incredibly grateful to know that there are generous individuals such as The Children of the Fallen Patriots Scholarship Foundation taking care of their loved ones.”