Peter Witt’s father, Daniel Witt, served in the Air Force, where he sacrificed time away from home and ultimately his life.  He was often on tour for the Air Force for months at a time. Peter holds infinite respect for his father.

“He sacrificed time away from my mother, my siblings and I because he knew that he was doing the right thing,” explained Peter. “For that I hold immeasurable respect and pride, knowing that my father loved his country that much. I wish he was still here to continue sacrificing his time.”

Peter vividly remembers boys’ trips to Lake Healey in Ontario, Canada with his father, brother, uncles and cousins. He and his brother would ride as passengers in their dad’s little Cessna, and later a Beech Bonanza.  It was in those moments that he holds the fondest memories of his beloved father.

“There he taught me some of my greatest life lessons, imparted by the most charismatic and compassionate man that ever lived (in my biased opinion, of course), explained Peter. “We spent time fishing, hiking, camping, boating, relaxing, and sharing stories, as well as some of the greatest and most nostalgic moments in my life.”

Peter is currently a freshman at Miami University. He has the opportunity to study a wide array of subject areas to increase his diversity, problem-solving skills and versatility. He is striving to excel in one of the best architecture programs in the country.

“I want to do my part in changing the world and developing it into a new era of art form that understands stressing the need for empathy and mutual respect; as well as other important topics on a personal and global level,” described Peter.

Peter’s education is very important to him. With the help of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, Peter will make his dreams into a reality.