Sarah Greene’s husband, Marine Corps pilot David Greene, was shot and killed during a helicopter mission in Iraq. She immediately felt the weight of responsibility to secure a successful future for their ten-year-old daughter Jena and eight-year-old son Wesley.

“In the midst of all the shock and disbelief of losing David, my biggest concern was how I would take care of our children and their futures alone,” explained Sarah. “I started worrying literally within days of his death.”

With college as expensive as it is, she knew her family would have to make big sacrifices. Sarah’s kids had endured enough after losing their dad.


“I was going to do whatever it took to make sure they could go to school wherever they wanted so that their dreams would come true, even if it meant selling our house to pay for their education,” explained Sarah. “I didn’t want to deny them something because their dad had died.”

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is aiming to ease the financial burden Gold Star wives, like Sarah, feel during the holidays. Ensuring a future college education is the single most important gift we can give Gold Star children.

“From the moment we found Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, they’ve been incredible, very sensitive and reassuring,” stated Sarah. “Co-founder Cynthia Kim was very welcoming and compassionate. She walked me through this and I felt as if I was talking to a friend.”

Sarah’s daughter, Jena, is now a junior at Trinity College in Connecticut and Wesley begins his freshman year at Texas Christian University this fall.

Regardless of how small a donation, donors can make a beneficial change in Gold Star families. Approximately $100 will support a meal plan for a student. Join Fallen Patriots this holiday, and help financially #EasetheBurden that Gold Star wives have to overcome. 

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