“Justin, I would have texted you sooner, but silly Rudolph ate my cellphone. I hope your dog Luna is well. I can’t wait to bring you your gifts,” love Santa.

Believing in Santa takes a bit more convincing now for 21st century children, the generation of technology. Digital tools are gaining popularity, as parents try to persuade their kid that there is a Santa Claus. Santa has mastered technology, with the help of Rudolph and the elves working at TextSanta.

This holiday season, TextSanta gives parents the ability to send their children a personalized text message from Santa Claus. Today’s generation often believe that if it’s on the computer or a phone, it’s real. By using TextSanta, children are reminded that Santa is always watching.


The magic of the holidays is especially important for children to experience, so TextSanta is donating one dollar from each completed order to Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Fallen Patriots). The support from TextSanta helps Fallen Patriots ensure a college education for Gold Star children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. Santa plans to help deliver the single most important gift Gold Star children can receive during the holidays, a college education.

TextSanta allow for customers to bring a smile to the face of a child they know, while also putting a smile on the face of a child they don’t, with the help of Fallen Patriots.

“I sent a Santa text to each of my three grandchildren. They were so surprised when the text message came to their mom’s phone addressed to them,” explained Bill Hicks, avid TextSanta user. “I was able to write my own message and include things that they had no idea that Santa would bring.”

Santa has the magic to send the text message to parents, if children are still too young to have a phone. Starting at only, $4.79, a single personalized text from Santa can be sent. The Gold Star Package allows for three personalized text messages, plus optional Christmas morning text, for $6.59.

Scheduling a child’s text and spreading the spirit of Christmas can be done by clicking,TextSanta.