Author Jenny La Sala has dedicated her life to veteran advocacy and spreading awareness about the physical and mental struggles soldiers face. She brings her cause to young readers and the children of military parents with the publication of her book, When Daddy Comes Home. A portion of her book sales benefit Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.

When Daddy Comes Home shares a heartfelt story of a soldier’s journey to and from war as the family who loves him learns to open their hearts to change in the most positive light. Although all children face fears and anxiety, especially at bedtime, military children also experience anxiety of a parent being away for an extended period of time.


“I chose to partner with Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation with the children in mind,” explained Jenny. “This amazing partnership provides me a platform to give back to those who serve and paid the ultimate price for our freedom.”

During the holiday season Jenny is reminded of the last scene in the movie, “Saving Private Ryan.” The movie reminds her of the question, “Do we all live the quality of life that so many fought and gave their lives for?” Jenny tries to live her life with kindness and consideration of others, and gives back where and when she can.

“I love that Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation leaves no child behind and funds the education of the children of our fallen patriots,” explained Jenny.

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