11 Days of Remembrance: Robert Wilson II

Robert B. Wilson III knows all too well the true meaning of sacrifice. Robert’s dad died when he was 9 months old, so he grew up without ever knowing him. His mom participated in the invasion of Iraq in 2003, so without either parent Robert had to live with his grandparents during her deployment.

“There are inherent dangers in the military, but from what I understand, my dad performed exceptionally in any task he was given,” stated Robert. “I am proud of my dad for his service.”

Despite the sadness in his background, Robert followed in his families footsteps and joined the Army.

“Having dual military parents made the idea of serving ever present in my mind,” explained Robert. “I felt that I was honoring my dad when I commissioned in the Army. My grandparents served, my parents served, and now I have served. I am proud to be a part of that community.”

Robert is currently attending Loyola University Chicago and plans to earn his MBA. He continues to honor the sacrifice his dad made for our country by doing the best that he can.