11 Days of Remembrance: Theodore Westhusing

Aaron’s dad, Theodore Westhusing, served in the U.S Army and ultimately sacrificed his life. Honor, duty, integrity and honesty are kept close to Aaron because of his father’s sacrifice.

Aaron believes Veteran’s Day is a time to be thankful for all those who have served, anywhere from the World Wars to 9/11 and the war against terrorism. It’s a special time for his family members to reminisce on how smart, strong and great of a man, his dad, Theodore was.

“It’s definitely difficult growing up in my most important developmental years as a student, child and family member without a major male figure in my life,” explained Aaron.

Aaron is currently a senior studying History Education at Averett University. He hopes to become a professor and make a difference in this world. In the future, he plans to improve education as a whole in America.

“It’s important to never give up and follow your dreams, whether big or small,” explained Aaron. “I stay strong, for everything will fall into place.”