Military Family Appreciation Month

During Military Family Appreciation Month, Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is reminded of the honor and privilege it is to be an influential part of surviving families' journeys. This awareness month, celebrates surviving scholars while also honoring the fallen and their surviving spouses. Fallen Patriots honors the inner strength of the entire military family: the soldier, spouse and scholar.

Scholars are led and inspired, often, by their surviving moms. Over 97% of those killed in action are men, leaving mothers, who earn on average less than $50,000 per year, with the financial responsibilities of raising a family. Surviving moms endure many struggles, but also find comfort in knowing there are organizations like Fallen Patriots who want to help.

Aimee Myers’ husband, Phillip, was killed disarming a roadside IED in Afghanistan. Soon after his death, she had to make the decision as to where they wanted to move stateside. They had lived overseas for almost 10 years, and never discussed where they would want to live if they ever moved back.  She pointed on the map, and that was it.  She picked up and moved herself and her two young children, Kaiden and Dakotah, back to the States.

There are so many amazing memories she has of her husband, from 10-years of marriage. Her fondest memories are of him being a father. Their children thought the world of Phillip, and she loved watching him with them.

“The week before he left on his last deployment, he took the kids to a dinosaur park so they could have some time together, just the three of them,” Aimee explained. “He would do things like that often, because it was important for them to spend time together while he was home.”

Aimee’s most challenging moments are when she has to be in two places at once, and it’s just not possible. She has to make the decision on which child’s performance or activity to go to, and which one to be late to.

 “As a widow, life doesn’t go on the same way. Life without our family, as a whole, never gets easier. You find a new normal, and you just learn how to handle it in a different way,” explained Aimee.

By providing support for surviving families, like the Myers, Fallen Patriots is making an instrumental investment in the future of America. Military Family Appreciation Month is an important time for our entire nation to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that so many soldiers and their families have made.