11 Days of Remembrance: Joseph Reed III

Joseph Reed IV’s dad, Joseph Reed III, died in a helicopter training collision. Joseph was young when he passed so he has gotten to know his dad through his journals, voice recordings and his letters his mom published in a book called “His Words.”

Joseph believes his father would be most proud of him for becoming a leader and friend to both his family and friends. He is the President of Enactus, a local non-profit group that specializes in empowering others across the globe to use sustainable business practices.

“My father’s sacrifice means he was a true friend to our country,” stated Joseph. “Although he didn’t know you or many pother people in this great nation, he still have his life so that we can have the freedoms we all enjoy. Likewise, we can all sacrifice a little in our lives to better our own society.”

Joseph is currently studying Entrepreneurship at Utah Valley University. In the next decade, he would like to work for a larger corporation to see what the best business practices are and then use those practices to start his own business.

“Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation has helped me receive a quality education,” stated Joseph. “I’m forever indebted to the foundation and the unique education with which it has blessed me.”