Making Their Dreams Possible: Sheridan Skurupey

Sheridan’s dad, Gregory Todd Skurupey, served in the Air National Guard and ultimately sacrificed his life in a plane crash while coming back from training in Florida. The biggest challenge Sheridan faces is growing up without her dad. It’s not the memories she has with him that make it hard, but the ones she never got to make.

“My favorite memory is when my dad would come home after he'd be gone awhile and he'd pick me up and hug me,” explained Sheridan. “He'd always call me his ‘little blonde mess’ and it's something I've always remembered him by.”

Sheridan believes her dad would be proud of everything she’s been able to accomplish in such a short time. She currently is a junior studying business management at Randolph-Macon College. She hopes to own her own business after college.

“My biggest fear going through college is having massive loans because of school. Fallen Patriots has made that so much easier for me to achieve. I know that when I graduate I can start working on what I want to do without fear of huge amounts of debt on my shoulders,” explained Sheridan. “A lot of college students aren't able to say that and I couldn't be more grateful that my dreams will get to be possible soon.”

Sheridan believes fallen service members sacrifices are the reason she gets to wake up, live a free life, go to college and do everything without fear. Fallen Patriots salutes all soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.