Go Ruck Event Supports Children of the Fallen 

Fallen Patriots is inspired by supporters like Mitch Gilley, a senior in high school at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, whose fundraising efforts for Fallen Patriots went above and beyond expectations. Mitch raised over $2,100 to help military children pursue their dream of a college education.

Mitch’s efforts were focused on organizing and co-chairing a memorial ruck event. He came up with the idea last year when he started working out with the Cleveland Area Rucking Crew. Most of what they do in their weekly workouts requires them to do a lot of weighted physical training while carrying a heavy ruck on their backs. It reminded him of what it must be like to carry around extra burdens every day; burdens that you would like to put down but have to keep carrying unless someone comes along and offers to help carry your weight.

The event was held on Saturday, October 29th, consisting of military-style ruck workouts complete with obstacle courses, push-up and sit-up challenges and a 3 mile hike carrying extra weight. The whole event was nearly 5 hours of nonstop physical activity.

“I'm very driven to support causes that benefit our military families because I plan to one day serve as an officer in the U.S. Army. My Dad served on active duty after graduating from West Point and we still have many family friends that are serving and deployed all over the world,” explained Mitch. “I hope to start the road to an Army career next fall by gaining an appointment to West Point or an AROTC scholarship to Virginia Tech.”