11 Days of Remembrance: Jeremy Nelson

Katelyn Nelson’s dad, SMSgt Jeremy Nelson, joined the Air Force and after that all of his choices to follow were for his country and his family. He sadly passed away from cancer after serving, leaving Katelyn without her dad while she prepared for her college journey.

“I couldn’t ask for a better father figure,” explained Katelyn. “He showed me what true sacrifice and hard work gets you in life, because that’s what he did to give me everything I could possibly ever want or need.”

Katelyn’s father had an adventurous spirit that led the family to experience different cultures and to try new things. He taught Katelyn the value of respect as a proud military man and father.

It’s been hard for Katelyn to not have her dad around as she grows up. Katelyn’s dad wasn’t there to see her graduate high school, get her first job, or be there for advice about college or becoming an adult. Everything Katelyn does now is because of the sacrifices her dad made in order for her to be where she is today.

Currently, Katelyn is working towards her degree in Psychology and Health Sciences in order to pursue a career in Health and Nutritional Psychology