Feb 3, 2016

The Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation’s vision is to impart the principles of selfless service to humanity without regard to race, creed, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. A day to honor selfless acts is known as Four Chaplains Day, celebrated on February 3rd.

Children of Fallen Patriots foundation honors different Selfless Acts that our fallen patriots have done. Soldiers that died in the line of duty acted on the ultimate selfless act, sacrificing their lives for our continued freedom. Fallen Patriots continues to strive to ensure a future college education for Gold Star children whose parent died due to their selfless service.

In November, 1942 four young men "found each other" while attending Chaplain's School at Harvard University.  A common cause brought them together, the desire to serve their Nation during the critical years of World War II. Their close bond might easily have marked them as "The Four Chaplains" long before a fateful night three months after they first met, when their actions would forever make the title last with the names of George L. Fox, Alexander D. Goode, Clark V. Poling and John P. Washington.

They gave up their life jackets and prayed together when their transport ship, the U.S.A.T Dorchester was torpedoed 80 miles south of Greenland on February 3, 1943. The Chaplains came from different faiths and backgrounds.

Of the 920 men who left New York on the U.S.A.T. Dorchester on January 23rd, only 230 were rescued from the icy waters by rescue craft.  In addition to the Four Chaplains, 668 other men passed away on this sad day.  Had it not been for the Chaplains, the number dead would have certainly been much higher.