Mar 1, 2016

Kaanan Mackey’s husband Matt was serving in the Iowa National Guard when he sacrificed his life in order to save others. He was on federal orders and driving home from a drill weekend when he came around a bend and saw an accident. There were several people out of their cars and in the street. Instead of crashing into them, he swerved to avoid the accident. He fought to stay alive for 18 days, but didn’t survive.

Together they have five children, who all are under the age of 16. The Mackey children don’t have the luxury of hugging their dad anymore. They hold on to the memory of his touch through photographs.

For some, Hug a GI Day is a celebration of their loved soldier being home from deployment. For others, like the Mackeys, this day is a time to celebrate soldiers who have sacrificed their safety for our protection.

They say a hug is a handshake from the heart. Join Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation in a time for every citizen to remember and say thanks to those GI members for their invaluable act of bravery in protecting and serving the country.

Fallen Patriots is aiming to reach donations, or “virtual hugs” from 100 different donors. By using Text to donate, donations can be made by simply texting “College” to 31996. These “virtual hugs” will help ensure a future college education for gold star children like the Mackeys.