Mar 7, 2016

Elicia Carter’s mom, Felicia Carter, served in the U.S Army. She passed away, leaving her daughter with only the memory of her to keep striving forward. Elicia believes her mom would be most proud of her for living up to her full potential and not letting anything hold her back from her dreams.

“The most difficult thing I feel that I have faced is just not having my mom there growing up. I lost her right before my freshman year of high school,” explained Elicia. “I kind of had to figure certain things out on my own and sometimes learn the hard way, even now.”

Fallen Patriots celebrates Felicia Carter’s heroic life during Women’s History Month. It means a lot to Elicia that her mom not only protected her, but also the entire country.

“I feel like it’s important to recognize women in history because of the way women are still treated in society,” explained Elicia. “It is important for young women like me, and even younger, to see women doing great things in society and excelling in male dominated careers, so that we may reach our full potential.”

Elicia plans to graduate from the University of North Carolina, and then continue her education to become a dental hygienist.