Apr 13, 2016

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation works to support the children of military men and women who have selflessly made the ultimate sacrifice, their life. An average college students’ fundamental needs include living quarters, books, a laptop and mode of transportation to and from class. Fallen Patriots is here to dive in with financial assistance when a gold star scholar is lacking the necessary funds to be successful.

“Children of Fallen Patriots even provided me with a laptop – a necessary tool for a writer at school,” explained Gold Star scholar, Kelly McHugh.


Kelly’s dad, Col. John McHugh, was killed during finals week of her freshman year of college. She didn’t know how to figure out all the “college stuff” (bills, tuition, etc.) on her own. When she first heard about Fallen Patriots, she thought the benefits were too good to be true. 

“Without this organization, I would not be where I am today starting out my career in sports journalism, explained Kelly. “Not every kid gets the opportunity to go to college, and even fewer are blessed with the opportunity to really invest time in extra internships and opportunities along with their studies during their college years without having a job or student loans holding them back.”

Since Kelly’s graduation from college, she has begun working as a writer with Kansas State University’s athletics department. Kelly’s dad shared the passion for soccer with her and to be able to work with players she used to watch with her dad has been a dream come true.

Fallen Patriots is thrilled to award Gold Star scholars financial help, inside and outside of the classroom, so they can achieve their dreams. Our relationship with scholars, like Kelly, is for life.