Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation works to give Gold Star families hope and opportunity, especially the opportunities that come with a college education. Over 97% of those killed in action are men, leaving mothers, who earn on average less than $50,000 per year, with the financial responsibilities of raising a family.  Fallen Patriots’ vision is to ensure that every child who has lost a parent in the line of duty receives all necessary college funding.

A college education is the single most important gift we can give Gold Star children. Since 2002, Fallen Patriots has provided more than $10 million in total assistance, to our admirable scholars. 

Elizabeth O’Hare’s dad died, in test pilot school, when she was only 3-years-old. The only memory she has of him is when her family found out his plane had crashed. Despite only knowing her dad for a short time, she knows her dad would be most proud of her for working hard to achieve her dreams.

“With the help from Fallen Patriots, I am able to go to school and achieve my dream of carrying on my dad’s life and to honoring his sacrifice,” explained Elizabeth. “He was willing to give his life for his country, and he did just that. He never had the chance to achieve his dreams of becoming an astronaut, or even finishing Test Pilot School, but his life was dedicated to helping others. I hope to one day be like him.”

With the financial support of Fallen Patriots, Elizabeth plans to continue to help others. Her dream is to become a neonatal surgeon so that she can help save the lives of young children.

Gold Star scholars face an average cost gap of $32,000 for a four-year college education. Fallen Patriots is committed to closing the gap for Gold Star scholars, like Elizabeth, so they can achieve their dreams.

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