Apr 21, 2016

Not only is a college education crucial to success today, but the entire college experience can teach students valuable life lessons, aid in maturity and introduce them to people who can influence their lives forever. Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation works to play an integral part in the academic and personal development of surviving scholars at all levels of the educational process.

Gold Star scholar, Hannah Davis, lost her father in a Black Hawk accident. She uses the memory of her father to propel her success in the future.


“My father went above and beyond in his service. He walked as a guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, flew as a Blackhawk pilot and served in the Special Forces,” explained Hannah. “He pushed every limit in his career to become the best that he could. His sacrifice drives me to do the same in my endeavors.”

Gold Star military children sacrifice not having a parent to lean on as they begin the college process. Fallen Patriots strives to steer scholars in the correct direction, so they can achieve their dreams.

“The greatest challenge I face day to day is keeping my blessings in the front of my mind despite some of the adversity my family has faced,” stated Hannah.

With the thought of her father’s success and Fallen Patriots help, Hannah plans to follow her dreams and achieve a job in the Marketing/Advertising field.