May 3, 2016

Congratulations to Fallen Patriots’ scholar Daniel Hug, who recently graduated with a Bachelor in Marketing & Management from the University of Illinois. Daniel plans to live a life modeled after his father’s passion for his work and commitment to his family.

Daniel believes his dad, Christian Hug’s, willingness to risk his life every single day for our country is truly inspiring. His dad, sadly, passed away when he was only 6-months-old. It was difficult for him to grow up without any memories of his dad.

“As the only son, I had many stages growing up where I felt especially lost,” explained Daniel. “I was unsure about how to act in a lot of situations (on sports teams, for instance) because I didn’t have the influence of a dad.”

From the stories he’s been told about his dad, his passion for flying was infectious. Daniel hopes to follow his in his dad’s footsteps and find a true passion for his work and life.

“I hope to make the world a better place to the best of my ability, just like my dad,” explained Daniel.