May 3, 2016

Congratulations to Fallen Patriots’ scholar Paige Garber, graduating with a Bachelors in Communications from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Paige’s admirable success shows how far she’s come, and how much she will accomplish as she embarks on the next chapter of her life.

“College has been really hard at times working through grief while also handling school, sorority life, extracurricular activities, being away from home and all of the things that come with getting a college education,” explained Paige. “I think my dad would be proud that I’ve been able to stay the course.”

Paige’s dad, Jeffrey Garber, didn’t go to college before joining the Navy. A college degree was something he always wanted for Paige and her siblings.  Her father was only three classes away from getting his bachelor’s degree when he passed from a massive heart attack while deployed.

“It was something that he was working so hard for, explained Paige. “I think he would be proud of the work I’ve put into getting that degree.”

After Garber’s passing, his impact in the lives of others was evident. Over 600 sailors and marines volunteered and lined the street leading to the chapel where his memorial service was held.

“Because of his sacrifice, he changed lives,” explained Paige. “It is because of the impact that he made in the lives of others that his sacrifice will always inspire me to serve and love others unconditionally, just like he did.”

The one lesson Paige continues to learn in life is that nothing really ever goes as planned. Therefore, her goal in the future is to do something that she loves. She hopes to work in a profession where she feels like she’s making an impact in some way.