May 12, 2016

David C. Canegata III died when his Black Hawk Helicopter crashed from enemy fire during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  His daughter, Nicole Canegata’s, life has never been the same since she lost her father on January 20th, 2007. She believes that although the void of missing him will never be filled, he served a higher and greater purpose, and for that she is grateful for his selfless spirit, and salutes his bravery.


“My dad was the most patriotic and courageous person I knew. He died doing what he loved most, serving his country and fighting for what he believed in. That was his life’s purpose,” explained Nicole. “He knew the risks and went willingly to Afghanistan and Iraq to ensure our security.”

Nicole was able to achieve her dream of being a professional photographer with the help of Fallen Patriots. She plans to give back to her community and people less fortunate than herself through her art and volunteer service.

“I never thought being a professional photographer could be a reality, especially after graduating from high school and initially taking on a different career path,” explained Nicole. “I believe it’s never too late to make your dreams come true, and I want to inspire anyone who has a dream, to always go for it; nothing is impossible with hard work, vision, and perseverance – my Dad instilled this in me.”