Jul 6, 2016

Linda Singletary’s husband, Timothy Laurence Singletary sadly passed away on October 21, 2012 due to an accident. He was a Specialist in the Army and was 37 years old when he passed. Linda’s two children, Clinton and Jasmin, have both received financial assistance through Fallen Patriots scholarships and have successfully been able to fulfill their dreams of getting a college education.

Clinton, who is 22, graduated in December with a degree in recording arts from Full Sail University, and Jasmin, 27, is currently a senior at Eastern State College and Florida International University. She graduates this December.

Linda and Clinton paid a visit today to WEJZ 96.1 radio station in Jacksonville, FL to share their story and how Fallen Patriots has helped them earn a debt-free college education. We are immensely grateful for the support media outlets give us and any exposure we can receive to help spread our mission.

Timothy’s sacrifice represents how far our troops go to preserve our nation’s values of freedom and honor. This is Why We Serve.

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