Aug 1, 2016

For the third year in a row, Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is working with our loyal partner, Spinrite, to ensure surviving children achieve their dream of attending college. Established in 1952, Spinrite is dedicated to researching, developing and manufacturing a variety of consumer craft yarn and pattern books for all segments of the market, from classic and cotton basics to novelty and fashion yarns.

Caron United yarn helps Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation bring children of fallen soldiers one step closer towards an affordable college education, directly benefiting scholars like Katie O’Hare, a marketing major at The College of Charleston, whose father passed away while in test pilot school when a T-38 training jet crashed.

“We are so thrilled that our efforts are reaching new parts of the world through our partnerships,” explains Kendra Davenport, president of Fallen Patriots. “Partnerships with organizations like Spinrite are vital to our organization, not only to help raise money, but also to help spread awareness. This helps identify more of the 20,000 eligible military children who have lost an active duty mother or father in the past 35 years.”

Last year alone, Spinrite raised over $100,000 through sales of their namesake American-made Caron United yarn. With over 600,000 balls of yarn sold, the donation will continue to help surviving children and their families. This year, Caron United will be sold internationally, with Fallen Patriots’ mission statement soon to be written in three languages directly on Caron United’s packaging.