Partner Spotlight: Vineyard Vines

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation is happy to announce the addition of Shep and Ian Murray to its board of advisors. Shep and Ian Murray own the clothing and accessory retailer Vineyard Vines.


The Murrays grew up in Connecticut and spent every summer on Martha’s Vineyard. In the late nineties, miserable behind desks in Manhattan, Shep and his brother Ian decided to trade in business suits for bathing suits by selling ties so they didn’t have to wear them. They delivered their first 800 ties on July 3, 1998 and they were sold out in the first week. Since then, Vineyard Vines has expanded nationally, but the Murray brothers have never lost sight of their goal to do what makes them happy.

The strength of Fallen Patriots is its leadership team. The leaders serve as guardians of our mission and ensure that outreach grows. Members of the board of advisors are typically business men and women who have made substantial contributions to their industry and are affiliated with Fallen Patriots in some way through life experiences.

Fallen Patriots has been fortunate to have the generous support of its board of advisors and board of directors as they pursue its mission of providing college scholarships to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.