Community Connection

Fallen Patriots is continuously reminded of the honor and privilege it is to be an influential part of scholars’ journeys. Many surviving families have expressed their gratitude for the “family” they have developed through Fallen Patriots’ social media outlets. When stories of the fallen are shared, families often can relate to the troubles and triumphs others are going through. We strive to create a #CommunityConnection for scholars and their family to find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

Social psychologists Edward Deci and Richard Ryan from the University of Rochester, NY contend that “relatedness” is a basic psychological need. Technology platforms that enable new ways to relate, enhance existing social capabilities, or make social networks more transparent have the potential to help meet a basic psychological need.

“I am now opened up to a community of people who can understand my situation. I am not alone,” explained surviving scholar, Madeline LaMoire.

Over 97% of those killed in action are men, leaving mothers, who earn on average less than $50,000 per year, with the financial responsibilities of raising a family. Surviving moms endure many challenges, but find comfort in organizations like Fallen Patriots. They want to help those left behind and also connect them with other surviving families going through a similar experiences.

Click here to watch a short clip reflecting on Fallen Patriots #CommunityConnection.