World Suicide Prevention Day

“I keep living because I am the daughter of a soldier who didn’t get the chance to” – Surviving Scholar, Gabrielle Herman

To Gabrielle there is no words to describe her father’s sacrifice. He not only dedicated his life to our country, but his sacrifice also gave Gabrielle purpose. She is currently in graduate school for Mental Health Counseling. Gabrielle has worked with the veteran population for years, but plans to continue her education to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, creating and implementing programs to facilitate soldier adjustment and reintegration.

In honor of World Suicide Prevention Day, Gabrielle has partnered with the TWLOHA campaign “And So I Kept Living.” She shared her moving letter with Fallen Patriots:

“After the loss of my father, I spent many years grieving, wanting nothing more than to be with him. Even after seven years, I am still learning how to live in this world without him. Though it felt as if my story was over, it was only just the beginning. I have found the reason for air in my lungs is to share our story, even the parts that hurt to admit, to replenish hope, provide help, inspire change, and most importantly, give myself the chance of healing. My decision to stay and keep fighting is because he did the same for me, for as long as he possibly could. I kept living because... I am the daughter of a soldier that didn't get the chance to. Together, we will continue to fight for other veterans, to give them the opportunity to rest and recover, and to give them a chance to change the way their story ends, before it is too late.”



Fallen Patriots honors surviving scholars, like Gabrielle, by providing college scholarships and emotional support. The foundation continues to strive to make all surviving scholars future dreams a reality.