New Year, New Hope

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation honors the fallen by serving their children

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation honors the fallen by serving their children

Hope is something within that creates the belief that the best is yet to come. The New Year brings new hope for Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, the hope that we will be able to continue to change surviving military scholars’ lives for the better. 

Fallen Patriots hopes to raise awareness for our mission throughout 2017, while we continue locating the 20,000 surviving children who could still use our help. Not only is a college education crucial to success today, but the entire college experience can teach students valuable life lessons, aid in maturity and introduce them to people who can influence their lives forever.

Despite tremendous loss, many children of the fallen continue to hold on to hope for their future. Anastasia Zapfe struggled facing the holidays with a sense of hope and wonder, but continued to stay positive and cheerful in her father’s remembrance. Her father served in the Army and was killed in action by an IED. She hopes to do her best in life to commemorate her dad’s life and make him proud.

“My dad’s sacrifice means that he will forever be remembered as the hero that he was. He was my hero for just being my dad,” explained Anastasia. “I always knew that he loved what he did and believed in the cause he was fighting for. I hope that his sacrifice will keep his memory and legacy alive for many generations to come.”

With the continued support of partners along with every individual contribution, Fallen Patriots hopes to increase funds for the families we support and make a deep-rooted difference that lasts a lifetime.