College is a time of transition. The transition from home to college can be exciting, as well as daunting for both, parents and students.  The key is to be prepared for these changes.

Parents play a crucial role in their student’s support team, especially during freshman year. In general, students like to communicate with their loved ones on their own terms. Here are some tips from Gold Star Wives on how you can stay connected with your child without infringing on their newfound freedom.

Gold Star Wife and Mother of Five, Kaanan Mackey
Tips from Kaanan: 

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Communicate Grades. My daughter’s school only allows one-person access, so she sends me a screen shot of her grades and we talk about them.

Keep Tabs on Finances. Finances are a huge one - my daughter has control of her money, but I can keep tabs on it. It makes us both feel better knowing she is held accountable, but I can also put some spending money in as a treat or for necessity.

Create a Balanced Schedule. Time management is another big one. We made sure to create my daughter’s schedule so there was a little time in between class for her to eat and enough time in the evening to study. Texas A&M has an incentive scholarship that provides students the option to take a hour-long transition class every week. They help each other with homework and hold each other accountable. It’s a great program that I wish more schools had.

Gold Star Wife and Mother of Four, Paula Boyer
Tip from Paula:

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Join a Parents Group: I joined a parent’s group to help me, since I lived states away like many parents and families do. I keep up-to-date on events and receive help from local families close to campus.

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation understands that a college education is not only crucial to success today, but the entire college experience can teach students valuable life lessons, aid in maturity, and introduce them to people who can influence their lives forever. As scholars begin their college journey, we are proud to continue to be a resource for families of the fallen.