Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation has maintained its vision of playing an influential role in the lives of military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty. When children of the fallen are granted a college scholarship, they are taking the first step towards fulfilling their college dreams. College provides students with an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons that they will carry with them.

Before You Visit A College

Campus immersions are available to prospective students.  Most schools offer guided tours and general information sessions throughout the year; however, programs such as open houses, class visits, facility tours, and overnight visits may also be available.  Register online to secure your spot.

Find out where to start your visit and where parking is available as this information may not be obvious when you arrive on campus.

Build some wiggle room into your itinerary.  Even if schools are in the same city, visiting multiple campuses in a single day can be tricky.  Leave extra time for meals, traffic, question-and-answer sessions, and campus exploration.

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While You Visit

Speak with current students!  Whether it’s a tour guide or a student you meet in the quad, students generally love to talk about their college experiences.

Ask questions to admissions staff members! The more specific your questions are, the more useful the answers will be.

In addition to guided campus tours, you may be able to view dining halls, athletic facilities, and classrooms on your own.

After Your Visit

At the end of your visit, write down a few things that stand out about the college.  Jotting down a few notes will be extremely helpful when you are completing your college applications.