For most scholars, December means finals are here.  It’s natural for students to get anxious or stressed thinking about finals before their winter holidays.  To make sure scholars obtain the best results, we’ve provided five study tips to help conquer midterm finals:

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1.       Create a Study Strategy

Success takes time, planning and dedication – particularly when it comes to achieving study goals. Knowing how to prepare before a big exam is a valuable study tool to have.  Finals are often condensed into a few weeks.  It’s crucial that you have a study schedule bearing in mind the time you have available as well as the different subjects you need to study.

2.       Overcome Distractions

Clear your mind and work space from distractions while studying.  Silence your social media accounts.  Put your phone on silent, and place it on the other side of the room.  This way, you won’t be interrupted by phone calls or text messages while you’re studying.  You can check your phone every 30 or 45 minutes when you take a break.

3.       Actively Review Your Study Notes

Exams often include questions related to the entire subject.  While studying, it’s important to master the foundation of the subject before advancing into deeper topics.  Creating flash cards can help you understand key definitions and terms to build your base knowledge.

4.       Strengthen Your Memory Skills

Engaging your brain in active recall on a regular basis enhances your learning and strengthens your memory.  Flash cards are a fantastic way to actively study in your spare time.  Building confidence in your learning ability will help motivate you to study longer and reduce exam stress.

5.       Get Sleep

During finals week, many campus libraries stay open 24 hours per day so many students feel tempted to fit in a last-minute cram session.  However, pulling an all-nighter is one of the worst things you do.  Fatigued brains do not retain information, nor do they recall it well. Instead, plan on getting at least 8 hours of sleep and eat a balanced breakfast before your exam.

Set your worries and nerves aside.  Remember to stay on task, work hard, eat well, and make time to rest.  The entire team at Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation wishes all scholars a successful week!