Erik Mounsey was his wife Kate Mounsey’s high school sweet heart. Every decision they made as a couple focused around Erik someday flying in the military. The day Erik graduated from training and came home, their daughter Natasha was born.

Erik’s mission was to patrol the No Fly Zone in Northern Iraq. The helicopters secured the northern border of Iraq, flew in food and medical supplies and aided in talks between the Iraqi Kurds. Warrant Officer Erik Mounsey did three rotations in Iraq before he died on April 14, 1994 during a high profile mission. Mounsey’s daughter, Natasha, was only 2-years-old when he passed away.

“My life was forever changed that day. It was the one day a military wife always hopes will never happen to her,” explained Kate. “The black staff car drove up to my house, there was a knock at the door as the commanding general and one of the pilots from my husband’s unit stood in the door with tears rolling down his cheek.”

Kate knows that every soldiers' fear is what will happen to their family if something happens to them. She explained to Fallen Patriots that every conversation she had with Erik always ended up with, “take care of my baby.”

The scholarship that Natasha has been given from Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation has been a true blessing. She would not be where she is today, graduated from the college of her dreams with a Bachelor’s degree in Animation and Visual Effects, if it were not for Fallen Patriots.

At every mile stone in her life, there will always be an empty chair, sorrow in our hearts and a tear in our eyes, but with the help of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation and all of their supporters, showing their support, love and kindness - it lessens the pain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.