We all lose our fathers one day, but for many it happens far too soon. Over 97% of those killed in action are men, often leaving behind a family who sadly won’t be able to enjoy their dad’s presence on Father’s Day. Fallen Patriots strives to fill a piece of that emptiness, and help provide emotional support along with future financial funding.

Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

Jake Healy lost his dad on June 28th, 2005 when his helicopter was shot down during a rescue mission in Afghanistan. Only 15 at the time, he was looking forward to many more years with his dad. However, looking back, he is beyond thankful for the 15 years he did get to have with his dad.

“Today is just one extra day that I get to thank my dad for everything he gave my family, for everything he gave me,” explained Jake. “Father’s Day will always be a reminder for me to give others the same unconditional love my dad gave me.”

A San Diego native and former scholarship recipient of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, Jake loves traveling and has studied in Madrid, Paris and Istanbul. He received his BA in Architecture from the University of San Diego.

By providing support for surviving children and their families, Fallen Patriots is making an instrumental investment in the future of America. Father’s Day is an important time for our entire nation to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that so many soldiers and their families have made.