September is a time filled with new beginnings for college freshmen. Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation helps college freshmen every year transition into college successfully. Here are the four best practices for your college freshmen.



To begin with, create a schedule that sets you up for success. Ultimately, personal responsibility is essential to college triumph. Strike a balance between reading intensive courses and lighter, less time-consuming ones. Also, consider taking an elective for fun that will serve as a “cushion” to your GPA.

The Classroom

Going to class every day is the key to success. It sounds like common sense, but when professors don’t take attendance (many don’t), the temptation to skip class is great. Attending class every day enables you to comprehend important material and ask questions. Take thorough notes, as well as establish a reliable classmate to become a study buddy.


Take studying seriously. Students often bring with them the habits and attitudes that may have been “good enough” to get by in high school but will not support their success in college. It is essential to get a C or better in developmental and foundation courses to progress towards 3000 level courses.

Students should plan on doing the bulk of work outside of class. Unlike high school teachers, most college professors don’t check homework. Stay on top of all reading assignments and make a mental note that for every hour of class, you should follow up with two hours of studying.

Make Friends

College is a learning experience in many ways, and making friends is no exception. Dorms are filled with other college freshmen going through similar feelings, eager to make friends. Similar experiences shared hobbies, and mutual interests can bring people together in communal areas. Most colleges have a “Welcome Week” that we highly advise all freshmen to participate in. From club events to student wellness centers, college is designed to help you bond with those around you.

College Advice From Tanner Hartwick

On April 1, 2006, Chief Warrant Officer Michael Hartwick was killed in action in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He left behind a wife and two small children, Tanner and Haley.

Tanner Hartwick is beginning his freshmen year of college at the University of Colorado. Even though he lost his father over ten years ago, thanks to caring Americans supporting Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, the college dreams of Tanner and his sister are secure.