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To say that Charles Mitts strongly influenced his young son, Andrew, would be an understatement. Charles was serving in the Army when he lost his life in a helicopter crash. Never one to give up, his father’s service spurred Andrew to also pursue a career in the military.

Andrew plans to graduate as a Merchant Marine Third Officer from Texas A&M University at Galveston with a degree in Marine Transportation.  However, his military aspirations don’t stop there. Having recently applied for the position, Andrew hopes to enroll in the U.S. Army’s Warrant Officer Flight Program.  He believes that his father would not only be proud of all that Andrew has accomplished at school and in the Corps of Cadets, but he would also be proud of Andrew’s desire to follow his father’s example and join the United States Army.

“I've always wanted to pursue a career in the military because of the influence my father had on me,” explained Andrew. 

One of Andrew’s fondest memories of his father is when his dad would bring him on base.  There, Charles would point out all the aircraft he worked with.

Andrew believes that the best way to honor his father’s sacrifice is by focusing his attention on academic studies. The vision of Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Fallen Patriots) is to ensure that financial hardship does not hinder military children from attending college.  Fallen Patriots has been able to assist over 1,000 scholars, like Andrew, complete their undergraduate studies.

With Fallen Patriots’ support, Andrew has overcome tremendous challenges and achieved a noteworthy milestone in his life.  Andrew is a senior, but like many other students, he is itching for the chance to graduate and give back.