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May 13 is Children of Fallen Patriots Day, a day to honor the children left behind by the brave men and women who lost their lives fighting for our freedom.  For 2018, this date has been recognized by select cities and states in the United States, as well as Chase’s 2018 Calendar of Events.  Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Fallen Patriots) needs help from residents in 22 states to request an official proclamation from governors to declare May 13 as Children of Fallen Patriots Day.

Fallen Patriots is on a mission to provide college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.  We believe raising awareness is key to identifying Gold Star students, which is why Children of Fallen Patriots Day is so important.  Fallen Patriots is happy to provide the materials needed and instructions to residents in these states willing to submit a request.  The following states need in-state sponsors to request an official proclamation:


·         Arkansas                ·         Colorado                 ·         Connecticut             ·         Hawaii   

·         Idaho                      ·         Illinois                      ·         Indiana                     ·         Iowa    

·         Kansas                    ·         Louisiana                 ·         Maine                       ·     Massachusetts

·         Nebraska                ·         North Carolina         ·         Oregon                    ·         Tennessee

·         Utah                        ·         Vermont                    ·         Washington            ·         Wisconsin

·         Wyoming


Additionally, May 13 is the day Arlington National Cemetery was established in 1864.  This final resting place for many war heroes serves as a reminder of their sacrifices.  In 2005, Travis Youngblood was killed in action while deployed in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq.  Each year for his birthday and for Memorial Day, his surviving wife Laura and their two children, Hunter and Emma, visit Arlington National Cemetery.  It has become their tradition to write messages for Travis on balloons and watch them float away.  Even though his children are young, Fallen Patriots has pledged to help Hunter and Emma attend a higher education institution.

Nearly 20,000 children have lost a parent in the line of duty over the last 35 years.  Fallen Patriots has been able to assist more than 1,000 Gold Star scholars.