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As one enters adulthood, the carefree days of summer vacation are a thing of the past.  As responsibilities become a reality, time doesn’t feel as infinite as it once had.  Though this reality may be daunting, it is an exciting part of life’s journey.

The best way to embrace the changes that come with exiting high school and entering college is to be prepared.  Maximize the summer months before college by taking steps to get ahead. 

Go to Orientation: College orientation attendance is imperative for both students and parents.  Not only does it provide the opportunity to tour campus, but key information will be disseminated.  Students learn about the requirements for available majors and can register for classes.  Parents walk away with peace of mind after learning more about where their children will be living.

Go to Summer School: Most colleges offer summer school sessions, which give students the opportunity to get acclimated to campus and college courses before the school year begins.  Choosing to knock out some general coursework frees up time during the school year to dedicate towards major courses.  Summer school is also a great way to explore various subjects to assist in determining a major.

Go to the Doctor: Students should ensure that their medical records are up-to-date prior to leaving for college.  Oftentimes, hometown doctors are familiar with your medical history and can better prepare students on what to expect when being seen at on-campus clinics. 

Get Organized: For many students, college will be the first time they live away from home.  The summer months should be used to purge unnecessary items, pack up necessities, and purchase school supplies.

College comes and goes in the blink of an eye.  The lessons learned and friendships formed will last a lifetime.  This is a key developmental period of life when a young person can decide who they want to become and what impact they’ll have on the world.