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The beginning of a new year provides the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the success of the past year as well as the growth of the year to come.  As Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation embarks on a new year, we are excited to make more college dreams a reality for those who have suffered the ultimate loss.

The new year can be exciting for college students heading back to campus, seeing friends after break, and beginning the second semester.  Make the most of the coming semester by getting into the new year’s spirit and setting good habits that harmonize with your goals as a college student.

Get A Specific Number of Hours of Sleep Per Night

Making your resolutions as specific as possible makes them more tangible and easier to achieve.  Most college students need between seven to nine hours of sleep per night to function at their best.  While college life is filled with a busy schedule, making sure you get enough sleep each night is critical to your long-term success in school.

Finish Your Papers At Least One Day in Advance

Some of the high-stress times that you will experience during a semester is when major papers and projects are due.  Resolve to make it a point to not procrastinate in the new year.  Finish your project a day early so you can get some sleep and most likely, turn in a better assignment. 

Try Something New

Chances are, there are daily events or activities happening on campus.  Challenge yourself to try something totally new at least once per month.  Attend a lecture on a topic you know nothing about, go to a cultural event you aren’t familiar with, or volunteer to help a new cause. 

Go to Office Hours

Office hours are an invaluable resource that every college student should take advantage of.  You should attend office hours to ask questions, get extra help and learn more about your professor’s expectations. This demonstrates to your professors that you care about your grades, are interested in their classes and want to establish a professional connection.

Get to Class on Time

Good time management is crucial in college.  The practical benefit of attending every class on time is worth the effort it takes to make it happen.  You can’t control unexpected events in your life, but you can better prepare for them.