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As a new semester ramps up, take a moment to focus your intentions for the New Year ahead.  The staff at Fallen Patriots is deeply invested in the success of each scholarship recipient.  We believe a college education is the single best gift a child of fallen soldiers could receive.  Our assistance stretches beyond monetary value, we also facilitate professional development opportunities via career symposiums, internships, and job placements.

New this year, Fallen Patriots is expanding our fundraising efforts to the Big Apple with our Inaugural New York City Gala.  Join the #FallenPatriots family on Wednesday, May 22 at Cipriani’s.  We are anticipating an inspiring evening of patriotism as we salute the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes and turn our eyes toward ensuring their children are set up for maximum success.  

Fallen Patriots scholarships are intended to assist with costs related to undergraduate education: tuition, room and board, etc.  We also cover various expenses in the form of stipends to prevent students’ having to collect and submit receipts for reimbursement over the course of the semester. 

New scholars are always eligible to enroll for our services.  Simply fill out an enrollment form and one of our scholarship administrators will be help navigate the process.  We are proud to have many former scholarship recipients on staff who understand the emotions and trials of other children who have lost a parent in the line of duty.


“My dad was an old soul. Growing up, he had a way of teaching me important life lessons through some old adage that never made much sense to me back then. Now as an adult, those quirky little sayings pop into my head from time to time making perfect sense. One of my (now) favorites that he always said: “don’t worry about the mule going blind, gal. Just load the wagon.” Weird, right? But as an adult, I’m reminded through my dad’s humor to stop worrying about what’s ahead and focus on the present. Or in other words “everything is going to be alright”. For someone who has struggled with anxiety my entire life, this little kernel of wisdom from my sweet dad gets me through the tough days. And hopefully it helps get you through your tough days – or at the very least, makes you laugh.” – Kenzi Vizzari, Enrollment Coordinator


“The finish line is closer than you think, keep going!” – Jervon Lemon, Scholarship Administrator


“A little piece of advice from someone who recently graduated, make sure you go to class. Even if you have professors that don’t do mandatory attendance it’s so important to go to class and just be there. You get so much more out of the class and it’s one of the easiest way to improve your grades if you’re struggling. Plus, it’s always a terrible feeling when you get your final grades and you realize lack of attendance was your downfall. Trust me.” – Emma Wilkenson, Scholarship Administrator

We are looking forward to a successful 2019 and hope you will continue to support our mission.  Connect with @FallenPatriots on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #FallenPatriots to help spread awareness of our mission.