October 26 is National Day of the Deployed. #DayoftheDeployed #DeployedLovedones

October 26 is National Day of the Deployed. #DayoftheDeployed #DeployedLovedones

Eric McNulty is the son of U.S. Army Master sergeant Michael L. McNulty.  He was 16 years-old when his father was killed in Iraq, then enlisted in the military 12 days after his 17th birthday. Michael gave his life doing what he thought he must to make the world a better place, a sacrifice which taught Eric that anyone who has the ability to do something has the responsibility to do it.

“Ever since I was a kid I had always wanted to be a soldier. Growing up in the military and watching my father every day taught me that life isn't just about making it through; a life without principle and purpose isn't a life at all.”

To Eric, a career in the military is more than just a job; it’s a lifestyle. It teaches the true meaning of honor, integrity, and respect, while instilling sense of discipline and purpose every day. It helps understand the real meaning of duty and placing others before you.

After being deployed to Afghanistan, he made the decision to reenlist and transfer to the Active Duty Army. He hasn’t looked back since.

“Somewhere in the world, there is a job that has to be done. I just want to do my part and look after my responsibilities.”

Eric believes his father would be most proud of him for pursuing his dreams and making his own story in life. Eric chooses to serve our country, to continue his dad’s legacy of keeping his family safe and smiling. He believes that real service isn’t about recognition or praise; it’s about getting the job done that no one else is willing or capable of doing.

 “Most importantly, I’m sure my dad would just be proud of the fact that my family is living out our lives happily.”