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A Poem by Daniel Bertolino

Children of Fallen Patriots scholarship family
Whenever I see the red, white and blue,

I think of our soldiers and our country,

But really my heart cries out for you.

These last six years have been filled with heartache, sorrow and tears.

It’s been pretty sad, but I’ve learned so much,

And you know it hasn’t all been bad.

‘Cause there’s something you gain from going through pain.

Since you’ve been gone, we’ve all gotten close,

My love for mom, brothers, and sister has gotten so strong.

To a kid, when his dad leaves for Iraq, He thinks he’ll be gone one day, fix the problem, and then be right back.

So young and naïve I couldn’t have known,

When he left that day, he’d never come home.

I think of the day you picked me up in the first grade, just to have lunch.

As you came into my classroom you had to hunch,

All the kids were amazed; you were 6’8”!

I was so proud just to be your son, Cause you were a dad that was studly and great.

Then you came to my class to listen to my poem,

So long ago when I was just 11.

If only I knew so much would change,

After that year you’d listen from heaven.

I’ve always tried to do all I can, To make you proud as I become a man.

When I have children some day, I’ll teach them about the sacrifice their grandfather made.

I hope you’ll be around Dad, Cause I’ll need your help.

I’ll never forget the lessons you taught me,

Manners, respect, hard work, and being all I can be.